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Occasionally, we find outself doing the same thing over and over again, and build that code into a re-usable product that is available to the public. Also from time to time we come up with an idea that may benefit people; it's not our core business, but we don't turn down good ideas. There are a couple in the pipeline, but we have a couple that are currently available:

Braille Tester

BrailleTester Catering mostly to parents and carers of blind children, this Windows application is a self-testing tool, with a large range of tests available, and historical results tracking, it's a great study aid for the sighted.

Image deduplicator

Image deduplicator A classic example of an application born of a utility born in turn of necessity. This handy little application will search specified folders, looking for duplicate images and report the findings. Easy, and just what lots of people need.

Click here to download the image deduplicator

World runways Google Earth KMLs

Google Earth logo If you like flying (like we do), and using the Google Earth flight simulator (again, like we do), then it can be quite frustrating being able to find the airport, and then land on the runway in the right direction. Here we present a number of KML files for most countries in the world which map out the runways so they can be seen from miles away.

Click here to view and download the files

If you have any questions relating to these or any other products that we product, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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