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Before you download

We try to keep things pretty simple here, but there are a few things that you need to be aware of before you download any application from this website. Everything is written in very plain English so that there is no possibility of it being mis-understood. You must agree to these terms and conditions before you can download any file.

Use of the application
If you have paid for the application that you are about to download then it is valid for YOUR USE ONLY. You MAY NOT give it to someone else; they have to buy a copy too if they want it. All of our paid-for applications have an activation system anyway so they cannot be used without breaking that.

If you are downloading a free application then you can give it to whoever you want to as long as you don't charge them for doing so.

If your application is free then you are on your own. There is no built in support so be careful. If you have a paid-for application then it will contain details of how to obtain support.

Viruses and things
When we compiled the application that you are about to download, we tested it for all known viruses at that time and it was clean of them all. If we have re-compiled the application then we have re-tested it. To the best of our knowledge, installing this application will not add anything undesirable to your machine but you should check it anyway and only install it if you are sure it is something you want to do.

We have tested this product and it works well. That said, if it doesn't quite work for you then we are sorry. Computers do strange things from time to time, and things go wrong; that is life. So, you need to be careful ... back your data up becuase if you lose it or it goes horribly wrong while this application is installed or as a result of this application then IT IS NOT OUR FAULT and we accept NO RESPONSIBILITY. You are using the product at YOUR OWN RISK so take the necessary precautions.

It shouldn't go wrong and it shouldn't break your stuff but we do have to make you aware of the above.

Do we collect any information about your application usage?
No, we don't. The application does not "phone home" unless there is a specific message on installation to the contrary. We do not collect information about your computer or you, your address, your e-mail or anything like that. There is no big brother here.

Some things we would like you not to do
DO NOT try to reverse engineer or deconstruct the application. It's just not cricket. If you want to know how it works, just ask ... if we can tell you then we will.
DO NOT pass this work off as your own. The only person who will look stupid if it does something silly is you.
DO NOT post on file sharing sites or make it publically available. You'll notice that we already make it available for people like you to download; if we wanted it posted anywhere else, we will do it. It really doesn't matter to us how "cool" you think your favourite file sharing website is. That said, if you want to suggest somewhere to post it, let us know.

The bottom line
If it seems like the wrong thing to do, it probably is. If you want to know something about the product or you want to know if we don't mind you doing something then we have a contact us page ... just use that, we don't bite and the worst we can do is say no isn't it.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy the product.


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