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An Introduction to the workings of the Internet for Small Businesses

We’ve all heard of it; we pretty much all use it; and we all have a bit of an understanding of what it can do, but there are so many people who just have absolutely no idea how the Internet fits together. Whether you currently have a small business that you are trying to run, or grow, or if you are about to take the first step on the ladder to becoming a small business owner, you absolutely need to understand how this stuff works because, if it isn’t already, it will be a massive part of your business whether you like it or not. Nowadays, almost all of your customers are likely going to head to your website before they head to your door, and you need to make sure that it is there, and that it is working.

Small business owners and managers do everything from sealing high value deals to making the tea (as well as fixing the kettle); so, it’s a given that somewhere along the way, the request to “fix the internet” will come, so having a fundamental understanding of where to start looking can not only save frustrations but can save you from losing sales.

It’s actually not at all difficult, and this book will take you through it in a light-hearted, and very easy to understand manner; from the absolute basics to just a little bit beyond the absolute basics, and you will at least be able to tell your domain name from your database at the end of it.

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